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Looking for bands.

Hey everyone -- I'm new and was looking around LJ to see if there was any Christian rock communities and found this one. I come from basically not knowing anything about Christian music in general. I've always gone to traditional services, and the times I did go to contemporary, I really didn't think I'd be listening to "christian music" on my mp3 player. I'm still not 100% convinced about listening to it, but it's either that or not ever listening to music... and I love music. I guess by this you can take that all I listened to was secular -- in specific Japanese rock (part of the Visual Kei movement.)

I'd tell you all "Oh, I'm looking for bands that sound like Buck-Tick, or alice nine;" (Japanese bands) but I doubt they've been heard of...

So -- in essence -- I'm looking for some recommendations so I can buy a couple of albums/singles and see if anything suits my fancy. I don't prefer heavy metal though ... Recently I listened to Mark Roach and thought he was pretty cool, but am okay with heavier sounds.

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